There are five videos on this page. The last is the most recent. Just above that is a symposium of 9/11 scholars. I have placed all these videos here because the events of 911 are filled with controversy, and they deserve to be looked at from more than one angle. Originally, there were six videos. Two have been eliminated due to an overwhelming amount of unverifiable conjecture. The remaining are all included here because each holds important information.

$600,000 dollars was spent investigation 9/11. $40 million was spent investigating Bill Clinton's involvement with an intern. I have my own opinions on this controversy. It is the viewer's responsibility, as a rational human being, to formulate their own. Do not do so with haste. Listen and consider. Where you can, investigate for yourself. There are significant unanswered questions. It is extremely important to understand that fact. You may find that you doubt some theories suggested here, but if you are at all a rational thinking human being, you cannot walk away from watching these videos without some startling realizations.

Loose Change - Final Cut

Loose Change - More Info
Full Video: 1 hr 21 min 44 sec

"With $6,000 and a laptop computer, three kids from upstate New York made a documentary about 9/11 that spread across the Internet and threw millions for a loop."
-Nancy Jo Sales, Vanity Fair

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The words of 9/11 FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds:

"Even from people from whom I've been receiving support, so many times you run across people who say, "Yeah, it's terrible. I understand. And it's very courageous what you are doing." But you know how this thing is. It's a boat you can't rock. And that is what is allowing these people to take everything this far. We need to stop saying we can't rock this boat when it needs to be rocked. Listen, we pay for this boat. We elect this boat. It's our money that maintains this boat. And we are the ultimate boss here. If this boat or some section of it needs rocking, you bet we have the right and we have the power to do it. And we have the power to demand it. Otherwise we are making ourselves powerless."

Read the entire interview in The Baltimore Chronicle

Grave Implications

Eyewitness and Scientific Overview

9/11 American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion

I am not a fan of Internet conspiracy host Alex Jones, who has a strong tendancy to connect dots that do not exist and to state items as fact that he has obviously not throughly researched. Nevertheless, Jone's put together a Symposium of excellent 9/11 scholars that brings out some of the important FACTS of the incidents surrounding 9/11.

This video should probably be first on the page, because of its importance. But, frankly, it is not as attention grabbing. For those who are really interested in finding the truth and focusing on some major points, this is a must.

See also "One Nation Under Siege" on the Home page. It is not included here because the scope of this film is broader, but it has some very exceptional coverage of 911 and its implications.

Israli Mossad Knew of Impending Attack

Arrested and released Israli Intelligence recorders speak