Why this Video is Important

There is no greater current example. This is the story of corporate and banking interests, the U.S. government, and mainstream media destroying the reputation of a good man. The reason for this assault is that he is one of the few brave individuals who continually stands up against the global power structures and the wealthy elite.

By an extraordinary stroke of luck, two award winning independent film makers were in the Presidential Palace in April, 2002, when a military coup took over the government. Had they not been there, we may not have a good representation of the truth.

Every American should study this video! Hopefully, when you do, you will come away with a greater awareness of how the media and people who officially represent our government can manipulate public opinion, regardless of the facts, and how the Venezuelan people have shown themselves to be not so gullible.

Hugo Chavez
A few wealthy Venezuelans (who were gaining great wealth from the "state owned" oilfields); the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund; the CIA and big oil corporations have all had their hand at trying to destroy Chavez. The only reason he is still in power is because the majority of the people in Venezuela believe in him, and know what he has done to improve their lives. The majority of the people in Venezuela know that the media in their country is controlled by a power elite who are interested in profiting by letting large corporate influences control their country while the rest of the populous lives in poverty. They ignore the constant hammering by the Venezuelan TV, radio and newspapers who are incessantly proclaiming Chavez is not good for the country.

We could learn a lot from the people of Venezuela, who seem to have no problem separating truth from lies. This movie underscores the fact that lies told by the media or so-called "officials" do not magically become truths.

Before Chavez came to power, a free press did not exist in Venezuela. He is a democratically elected president and defender of liberty, who has brought health care and education to the poor and protected his citizens from having their private property taken over by multinational corporations. He is available every week, live on the state run TV channel, for anyone to call him and express their problems and concerns. Chavez is a man who grew up in poverty and cares strongly for his people. He says what he feels - honestly and with conviction.

Hugo Chavez is not a diplomat. He is not afraid to say that George Bush is a liar! And he has had the gall to believe that the oil under Venezuelan soil belongs to the Venezuelan people!

The Coup - CIA Involvement To what degree the CIA was involved in the 2002 coup is not known for certain. The State Department and other government officials were certainly sending verbal signals to the opposition and, U.S. officials in Washington as well as embassy staff in Caracas actively met with the opposition figures who were to become coup leaders. (“U.S. Cautioned Leader of Plot Against Chavez,” April 17, 2002) Wayne Madsen, a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer, told London’s Guardian that Navy vessels engaged in exercises off Venezuela’s Caribbean coast provided strategic “communications jamming” to the opposition during the days of the coup. (“American Navy ‘helped Venezuelan coup,’” The Guardian (London), April 30, 2002) According to these sources, the events were apparently coordinated by Assistant Secretary of State Otto Reich (whom you may remember as a key player in the Iran-Contra affair.)

This is a very well-done documentary with a host of international awards. The film makers managed to stay in the palace through the coup as well as the overthrow of the coup, by the lower ranks of the military and the Venezuelan people, just 24 hours later.


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