About This video

The events documented in this History Channel video are indisputable fact, the majority of the information coming from mandatory release of records through the Freedom of Information Act.

It describes decades of experiments conducted by the U.S. government on unsuspecting citizens to perfect means of mind control.

Complete, including interviews with some of the victims, this documentary describes brutal, unlawful, unethical and sometimes lethal experiments conducted using thousand of unsuspecting citizens.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, A former head of the American Psychiatric Association, is personally responsible for erasing the personalities of thousands of unsuspecting victims. Many of these victims won a significant lawsuit against the U.S. government. Many, many more never knew what happened. Neither did their loved ones.

In 1972, when Richard Helms was completing his term as CIA Director, thousands and thousands of documents were destroyed at his command. The greatest majority of mind control experiment documentation was destroyed at that time.

Much of what we do know was traced back from financial records that were not destroyed.